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Form 6008 - Notification of pesticide research

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We require your personal information for the purpose of contacting the applicant in regards to the application and to communicate any decisions or outcomes of the application.

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Company names are disclosed after the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) makes a decision or outcome on an application.

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About this online form

Research with chemical pesticides may be conducted under a research permit, notification in lieu of permit or full exemption. Refer to Regulatory Directive DIR98-05 for details.

Under certain conditions as outlined in DIR98-05 (Table 3), a research permit under the Pest Control Products Act will not be required. However, the regulatory authority must be notified of the research according to the following terms and conditions:

  • The researcher, or the pesticide company involved, must notify the government of the research plan using this notification form. The notification must be received by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency at least thirty days prior to the treatment.
  • Experimental label and Product Specification Form (for new formulation) are required.
  • There should be reportable results of all work carried out under the research notification. Research record and data reporting requirements are the same as those for research under a permit.
  • All research programs are subject to audit by staff of the Pest Management Regulatory Agency and by regional pesticide regulatory compliance and enforcement officers of Health Canada.
  • When sale of a treated food crop or livestock is involved, the researcher must seek written authorization from the Food Directorate, Health Canada, Ottawa, K1A 0L2.

If insufficient space is available on the form, provide separate documentation numbered according to the sections of the form.

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Instructions for completing sections of this online form

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Applicant Information Instruction3
Research Coordinator Information
Supplier Information
Pesticide Application Details
Purpose (required) Instruction5
Type of Research (required) Instruction7
Indicate if the following have been submitted (required) Instruction8
Confirm whether the land for the research is owned or operated by the research establishment. See instructions for explanation of criteria Instruction9

I hereby specify that the above information is correct in all respects. I understand that permission to undertake the research does not create any liability on the Crown and the researcher remains totally liable for such things as damage to treated crops or properties or the crops or property of others and for such matters as occupational health and safety and environmental impact as a result of this research being performed. I will ensure that the researcher and I will observe the limitations and requirements that:

  • no application to bodies of water including sloughs and wetlands, or where runoff water may bring pesticide residues out of the treatment premises;
  • crops harvested from treated plots will not be sold or used for food purposes unless the residues conform with the existing maximum residue limits (MRLs) under the Food and Drugs Regulations;
  • it is the researcher’s responsibility to notify the provincial pesticide regulatory officials of the research program and obtain provisional approval when this may be required; and
  • It does not involve the use of a pest control product that contains a formulant that is on Part 1 of the List of Pest Control Formulants of Health and Environmental concern, or a contaminant on Part 3 of that List.
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