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Notice of changes - effective July 19, 2023

Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) released a new online version of the e-Index Builder. Registrants and Applicants are encouraged to start using the new builder. Submissions generated from the e-Index Builder 2.9 will continue to be accepted in the interim as users transition to the new builder.

Current version of e-Index Builder:

Version 3.1

Changes in this version:

  • Online version
  • Improved user interface
  • New DACOs
  • New citation field

The e-Index Builder is an online application which facilitates the creation of an electronic index (in XML format) that fully describes each document submitted in support of applications to register or amend a pest control product registration, re-evaluation, special review, or in response to requests for information.

Please refer to the Documentation section for the e-Index Builder User Guide and more information on the requirements for submitting data index, documents, and forms.

Should you require further information or require technical assistance, please contact the Pest Management Information Service.

To obtain electronic copies of the documentation, please contact

  1. e-Index Builder User Guide: User Guide that contains detailed instructions on how to use the e-Index Builder. (Updated July 2023)
  2. e-Index Builder XML schema: Information purposes only - Parties interested in using the schema in lieu of the e-Index Builder application are requested to contact the PMRA to discuss additional technical requirements.
  3. e-Index Stylesheet: XML Stylesheet that can be used to view e-Index XML files in a HTML format. Detailed instructions on viewing XML files with the e-index.xls file are available in Appendix C of the User Guide.
  4. e-Index Field Specifications: Information on the fields used in the e-Index, intended to assist software developers in designing software to generate e-Indexes. This will help to ensure that the e-Indexes generated by the software can be accepted by the PMRA's databases without any coding issues. (Updated July 2023)

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