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Forms for Registrants and applicants

Notice of changes – effective July 19, 2023

Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) implemented changes to forms 6006, 6008, 6012, 6026, 6110, 6117 and 6200, and updated their web addresses. The old web addresses will automatically re-direct you to the new forms until December 2023, and we ask that users update their bookmarks as soon as possible to ensure they can access the new forms directly.

Draft (XML) files created using the previous version of the forms cannot be loaded into the new forms.

Instructions for Requesting 6000, 6003, 6005, 6011, 6301 PDF Forms

Available forms
Form number Format Name Last Modified
6000 PDF available upon request Application for Renewal or Discontinuation 2023-04-01
6003 PDF available upon request

Statement of Product Specification Form

Statement of Product Specification Form instructional video

6005 PDF available upon request Application for New or Amended Registration 2018-02-27
6006 OnlineApplication for Research Permit2023-09-18
6008 OnlineNotification of Pesticide Research2023-09-18
6011 PDF available upon request Fee Estimate Form 2023-04-01
6012 OnlineApplication for Registration of Private Label Product Based on Registered Initial Product2023-09-18
6018 Removed

Declaration of Importer of Control Products

This form is no longer required by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency, nor the Canada Border Services Agency.

6023 Online Proposed New Uses and/or Uses to be Withdrawn from the Label (PDF) 2013-05-30
6026 OnlineAdministrative Changes in Contact Information for Registered Pest Control Products2023-09-18
6110 OnlineProposal for a User Requested Minor Use Label Expansion2023-09-18
6117 OnlinePest Management Regulatory Agency Presubmission Consultation Request2023-09-18
6200 OnlineImport Certificate for the Grower Requested Own Use (GROU) Program2023-09-18
6301 PDF available upon request Subject to Registration 2020-09-09
7002 PDF available upon request Sales Information Reporting Form 2023-04-01
7003 Online Incident Report Form for Registrants and Applicants (PDF) 2023-04-01
7005 PDF available upon request

Special Review Request Form

Guidance for Completing the Special Review Request Form



If you have any questions on the forms, please contact the Pest Management Regulatory Agency Information Service

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